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Web Designer 


I am available for hire - Freelance Web Development & Design

About Me

I'm Chee Aik Lim. I graduated from University of Leicester and hold a Software & Electronic Engineering with over a year's experience in web designing and development. I am skilled in designing and developing websites for clients. I am firmly believe in working with the client to identify the needs and to work a plan of action I am dedicated professional with a strong work ethic.

I am flexible, self-motivated, and self-taught front-end developer who is committed to continuing professional development and keeping up to date with the latest technologies. I am very passionate about web design and development and excited to learn new skills. So far, I have gained experience in coding with the latest web standards, ensuring my website's client is always up to the latest web technology.

I code semantic HTML markup, scalable and reusable CSS with SASS, and effective OOJS/Javascript, jQuery. Using automation tool like Gulp and Webpack for a better code quality/maintenance and workflow. I really like to digging into code, which is why some of my work is code from scratch either in static or dynamic(WordPress) website.

I enjoy working with people and find this solo approach limiting to learning. Working with in teams can be stimulating environment and support exchange of ideas and skill development. Therefore, my current goal is to leverage my skills to secure a position within a Web Development team of a dynamic IT firm. Meanwhile, if you’re a business in need of a new website – get in touch and we'll have a chat over coffee .

What I do

Web Development & Design

I'm seeking to gain more knowledge and experience to widen my skills in web development & design. Therefore, I will design and develop websites with a lowest cost.

Responsive Design

I create responsive website capable of adapting to any devices and designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your website perform well.


I can develop Content Management Systems which allows you to self-manage your website by update your websites data and edit your important content on your website.


I will make your website with Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) in mind. So that, your website is well ranked in search engine results - Google, Yahoo and Bing.



Get in Touch

Whether you would like my services for a project, get extra information about me, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or alternative we can meet up and have a chat over a coffee .

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