The Importance of Responsive Web Design

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The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites are not only important for user-friendliness, but also for your website Search Engine ranking. There are countless advantages of having a responsive website design, such as:

An improved User Experience

Responsive internet site leads to a better user revel in. a first-rate aspect indicating the quality of the time is enjoyed by the user. If they discover it difficult to navigate or use due to the fact they are forced to continuously pinch and zoom to see the content clearly, they’ll most likely book it.

Enable your viewers a good experience, and they’ll be more likely to give you their time on your website and that in-turn can result in better conversion rates.

If your internet site scales and responds to the change in display screen size, then site visitors received have problems accessing menus, hyperlinks, buttons or filling out forms. As a result, their user enjoy could be better and they’ll spend greater time for your website online.

Lower bounce rates

Keeping bounce rates low is important, it shows the amount of people that go off your web page after seeing a single page only. We know the importance of a responsive website, and it means if users stay on your site for longer, or click on multiple pages, the bounce rate will be reduced.

Responsive websites are an inclination that we give to users to click on other links. If they find it easy to work with, they’re more likely to click on more pages.

Better SEO

Let’s face it, SEO is the reason why you’re most probably here. Having a responsive website has been attributed directly to a better Search Engine ranking. As of April 2015, Google has taken into consideration the Responsiveness of a website. This means that responsive websites will be ranked better as compared to non-responsive websites.

Your website may also need to pass the Mobile-friendly test, which is often attributed alongside a responsive website.

Better Backlink Quality

Backlinks are extremely important. When it comes to backlink building, a dynamic website which is on par with Google’s SEO policy will be important. Google will not only consider your website as a more reputable source of information as compared to if your website isn’t responsive, but also give you a better Search Engine ranking based off this fact.

A responsive website is easier to maintain than a non-responsive website

With a responsive website, your staff will need to spend much less time on maintenance and can focus more on other important things like marketing, A/B testing, customer services, product content development.

It’s important for a website to have this cost and time saving attribute, and responsive websites are a way they can do this.


It’s obvious that a responsive website is the way forward especially we are living in the era of smartphones. When nearly 60% percent web traffic was generated through  smartphones.